Ashwini Deshmukh

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Smart antenna system is used to maximize the output power of signal in desired direction and minimize the power in unwanted direction. Smart antenna system consists of multiple numbers of elements. Basic concept in smart antenna technology is beam forming, it is mainly used to improve signal to noise ratio. Beam forming signal processing technique used in(More)
Digital image processing technique can be applied to virtual restoration of artistic paintings. This paper introduced a method for the restoration of digitized paintings which is based on wavelet transformation analysis. Initially the given image gets separated into two principal components which encompass image texture and image color, respectively. Then,(More)
Received Jan 22, 2012 Revised Mar 18, 2012 Accepted Mar 23, 2012 In multimedia Systems-on-Chips, the design of specialized IEEE-754compliant floating point arithmetic units (FPU) is critical with respect to both operating speed and silicon area demand. Leading one anticipation is a wellknown issue in the implementation of high speed FPUs. We investigated a(More)
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