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Smart antenna system is used to maximize the output power of signal in desired direction and minimize the power in unwanted direction. Smart antenna system consists of multiple numbers of elements. Basic concept in smart antenna technology is beam forming, it is mainly used to improve signal to noise ratio. Beam forming signal processing technique used in(More)
This paper provides the design and implementation of a Document Management System with certain ̳enhanced‘ features in terms of Security, Compression, Abstraction (of Level of file View) and File versioning. This system is designed for small to medium scale enterprises and would provide a good solution for their needs. Keywords— document management system;(More)
In textile industry many processes required speed synchronization of more than one motors involved in the process. Speed control of motor is very important especially in the fields including industrial applications, robotics, textile mills, etc. In all these application motor speed synchronization is invigorate in conveyor belt driven by multiple motors.(More)
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