Ashwin Mohan

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Extracellular neurotransmitter concentrations vary over a wide range depending on the type of neurotransmitter and location in the brain. Neurotransmitter homeostasis near a synapse is achieved by a balance of several mechanisms including vesicular release from the presynapse, diffusion, uptake by transporters, nonsynaptic production, and regulation of(More)
Faculty from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the College of Education at the University of Missouri (MU), Columbia, developed a novel course for engineering graduate students emphasizing pedagogy and professional skills. The two-semester course sequence, titled “Preparing Engineering Faculty and Professionals,” includes readings(More)
Neurotransmitter homeostasis in and around a synapse involves complex random processes such as diffusion, molecular binding, and uptake by glial transporters. A three-dimensional stochastic diffusion model of a synapse was developed to provide molecular-level details of neurotransmitter homeostasis not predicted by alternative models based on continuum(More)
The pervasive use of SMS is increasing the amount of digital evidence available on cellular phones. Consequently it has become important to detect SMS authors, as a post-hoc analysis technique deemed useful in criminal persecution cases. This paper investigates an N-grams based approach for determining the authorship of SMS messages. Despite the scarcity of(More)
Power consumption and performance are the crucial factors that determine the reliability of a CPU. In this paper, we discuss about some techniques that can be used for Instruction Level Parallelism which enhances the performance of the CPU by reducing the CPI there by reducing power consumption. We have also discussed about the power saving scheme using(More)
Sample variations are one of themain problems associatedwith speaker recognition. Most approaches use multiple templates in the gallery database. But, this requires enormous memory space. In order to minimize classification errors and intra-class variations, adaptive online and offline template update methods using vector quantization (VQ) and Gaussian(More)
Microcontrollers that can provide higher performance while maintaining low power consumption is a key research area. Power aware high performance microcontrollers are critical in embedded system applications. Our paper mainly focuses on the low power implementation of a Dual Core Microcontroller. A Dual Core Microcontroller consumes less power and area than(More)
Micro controllers that can provide higher performance while maintaining low power consumption is a key research area. Power aware high performance micro controllers are critical in embedded system applications. This paper mainly focuses on the Low Power implementation of a Dual Core Micro controller using 130 μm CMOS Technology. Peripherals are(More)
Low power VLSI circuit design is a core area for current research activities. Power reduction without compromising the performance is the vital concern for processor design. In this paper, we apply a new clocking scheme as in [1] that can be used to reduce the power consumption in a processor datapath. We have mainly focused on implementing the pipelined(More)
There has been tremendous growth in the information environment since the advent of the Internet and wireless networks. Just as e-mail has been the mainstay of the web in its use for personal and commercial communication, one can say that text messaging or Short Message Service (SMS) has become synonymous with communication on mobile networks. With the(More)
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