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A light-trail is a generalization of a lightpath such that multiple nodes can take part in communication along the path. Light-trail based networks lead to dynamic provisioning and optical multicasting while deploying a pragmatic low-cost platform. Dynamic connections can be setup and torn down over semi-permanent light-trails facilitating(More)
In this paper we address the problem of constrained optimization (ILP formulation) and propose a set of heuristic algorithms for assigning light-trails [1–4,7,10] to WDM ring networks to facilitate IP centric dynamic communication at the optical layer. A light-trail is a generalization of a lightpath such that multiple nodes can take part in communication(More)
Light-trails (LTs) have been proposed as a solution for optical networking to provide support for emerging services such as video-on-demand, pseudo-wires, data-centers, etc. To provision these services we require features such as dynamic bandwidth provisioning, optical multicasting, sub-wavelength grooming and a low-cost hardware platform-all of which are(More)
Given the increasing adoption of DWDM networking technology, there is now a growing need to address distributed inter-domain lightpath provisioning issues. Although inter-domain provisioning has been well studied for packet/cell-switching networks, the wavelength dimension presents many additional challenges. To address this challenge, a detailed(More)
— Smoothed Round Robin (SRR) is an O(1) scheduler that efficiently schedules flows based on flow granularity leading to short-term fairness. We propose DS2R2 – Delay Sensitive Smoothed Round Robin Scheduler that enhances SRR by adhering to delay constraints of flows. Scalability and performance issues of DS2R2 for high-speed optical networks are considered.
— The theoretical error performance of double space time transmit diversity (DSTTD) system with optimum combining receiver is analyzed in this paper. By employing both spatial multiplexing and transmit diversity in one system, DSTTD provides practical tradeoff between system spectral efficiency and diversity gain. We derive exact analytical expressions to(More)
Storage traffic. The test-bed is based on the recently proposed Strongly connected Light-trail (SLiT) technology that enables the triple features of dynamic provisioning, spatial sub-wavelength grooming and optical multicasting – that are quintessential for provisioning of the aforementioned emerging services. SLiT technology entails the use of a(More)