Ashwin G. Rao

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Arabidopsis CRINKLY4 (ACR4) is a receptor-like kinase (RLK) involved in the global development of the plant. The Arabidopsis genome encodes four homologs of ACR4 that contain sequence similarity and analogous architectural elements to ACR4, termed Arabidopsis CRINKLY4 Related (AtCRRs) proteins. Additionally, a signaling module has been previously proposed(More)
Polypyrimidine tract-binding (PTB) proteins are a family of RNA-binding proteins that function in a wide range of RNA metabolic processes by binding to motifs rich in uracils and cytosines. A PTB protein of pumpkin was identified as the core protein of an RNA-protein complex that trafficks RNA. The biological function of the PTB-RNA complex, however, has(More)
Polypyrimidine tract-binding (PTB) proteins are RNA-binding proteins that generally contain four RNA recognition motifs (RRMs). In potato, six cDNAs encoding full-length PTB proteins have been identified. In the present study Nova1-like protein, designated StNova1, was identified as a potential interacting partner of the StPTB proteins via yeast two-hybrid(More)
To reduce the redundancy of image, image compression is used in order to store data in much more effective way. For effective & efficient image compression integer wavelet transform has been introduced. The aim of the integer wavelet transform is to get maximum compression ratio possible. Decomposition of image takes place up to certain levels; at different(More)
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