Ashwin Aravindakshan

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DDE and the o,p' and p,p' isomers of DDT were assayed in 94 human biopsy fat samples from hospitals in Delhi by gas chromatography. DDT was present in all except 2 samples at concentrations from 0.17 to 176.5 mg per kg of body fat. The average total DDT content was 21.8+/-2.9 mg/kg, of which 45.9% was DDE. The average value reported in a similar study in(More)
Extant models posit that awareness declines immediately and gradually after the cessation of advertising, whereas anecdotal evidence from managers suggests awareness stays constant for a while and then decays rapidly. This pattern arises because consumers remember advertisements for a finite time before they forget. Hence, we extend advertising models by(More)
Title of Document: ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICAL MODELS IN MARKETING. Ashwin Aravindakshan, Doctor of Philosophy, 2007. Directed By: Professor Roland T. Rust, Department of Marketing This dissertation comprises a series of three essays that relate advances made to both theoretical and empirical issues in marketing. The first essay discusses the issue of(More)
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