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Suppression of the constitutive, male-specific rat hepatic cytochrome P-450 2c and its mRNA by 3,4,5,3',4',5'-hexachlorobiphenyl and 3-methylcholanthrene.
Rat liver cytochrome P-450 2c (P-450 2c) is a constitutive, male-specific enzyme that oxidatively metabolizes both steroid hormones and liphophilic foreign compounds. Exposure of adult male rats toExpand
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3-(Trifluoromethyl)-3-(m-[125I]iodophenyl)diazirine photolabels a substrate-binding site of rat hepatic cytochrome P-450 form PB-4.
Hepatic microsomes isolated from untreated male rats or from rats pretreated with phenobarbital (PB) or 3-methylcholanthrene (3-MC) were labeled with the hydrophobic, photoactivated reagentExpand
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