Ashwani Kumar Goel

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Plant development results from controlled cell divisions, structural modifications, and reorganizations of the cell wall. Thereby, regulation of cell wall behaviour takes place at multiple length scales involving compositional and architectural aspects in addition to various developmental and/or environmental factors. The physical properties of the primary(More)
Turgor pressure in plant cells is involved in many important processes. Stable and normal turgor pressure is required for healthy growth of a plant, and changes in turgor pressure are indicative of changes taking place within the plant tissue. The ability to quantify the turgor pressure of plant cells in vivo would provide opportunities to understand better(More)
Curcuma longa L., commonly known as turmeric, is one of the economically and medicinally important plant species. It is predominantly cultivated in the tropical and sub tropical countries. India is the largest producer, and exporter of turmeric in the world, followed by China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Thailand. In the present study, Directed Amplification(More)
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