Ashvini Ganesh

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This technical report details the 40Gb/s optical transmission testbed established at the Lightwave Communications Laboratory. This testbed provides a foundation for future experimental research on high-speed optical transmission systems and related performance issues. It will facilitate the research on advanced optical modulation formats and the comparison(More)
Fuzzy clustering is a data analysis technique that, when applied to a set of heterogeneous items, identifies homogenous subgroups as defined by a given model or measure of similarity in fuzzy environment. Moreover, fuzzy clustering methodology has been developed and used in variety of areas like biology, computer science, engineering, medicine etc. In this(More)
  • A. Ganesh
  • 2005
The data-management task in wireless sensor network (WSN) should be performed such that limited resources like memory, processing and power are utilized very efficiently. An event based approach for management of data is the most appropriate one for WSN because only those events that are of interest to the user or application are monitored and handled by(More)
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