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NADPH oxidase (NOX) is a key player in the network of reactive oxygen species (ROS) producing enzymes. It catalyzes the production of superoxide (O2(-)), that in turn regulates a wide range of biological functions in a broad range of organisms. Plant Noxes are known as respiratory burst oxidase homologs (Rbohs) and are homologs of catalytic subunit of(More)
In economically developed countries, mortality increases distinctly during winter. Many causes have been suggested, including light-dark cycles, temperature/weather, and infectious agents. The authors analyzed monthly mortality in the United States during the period 1959-1999 for four major disease classes. The authors isolated the seasonal component of(More)
During an investigation of the disease profile of Withania somnifera, it was observed that leaf spot is the most prevalent disease. Repeated isolations from infected leaf tissues and pathogenicity tests showed the association of fungal pathogen identified as Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keissler. Scanning electron microscopy showed various histological(More)
The objective was to evaluate the transdermal delivery of the 5-HT(1B/1D) agonist, sumatriptan from an iontophoretic patch system, in vivo. Initial in vitro experiments were conducted to optimize formulation parameters prior to iontophoretic delivery in Yorkshire swine. It was found in vitro that increasing drug load in the patch from 9.7 to 39 mg had no(More)
Natural adhesives in the feet of different arthropods and vertebrates show strong adhesion as well as excellent reusability. Whereas the hierarchical structures on the surface are known to have a substantial effect on adhesion, the role of subsurface structures such as the network of microchannels has not been studied. Inspired by these bioadhesives, we(More)
The impact factor of journals has been widely used as glory quotients. Despite its limitations, this citation metric is widely used to reflect scientific merit and standing in one's field. Apart from the impact factor, other bibliometric indicators are also available but are not as popular among decision makers. These indicators are the immediacy index and(More)
Process analytical technology (PAT) has been gaining a lot of momentum in the biopharmaceutical community due to the potential for continuous real time quality assurance resulting in improved operational control and compliance. This paper presents a PAT application for one of the most commonly used unit operation in bioprocessing, namely liquid(More)
Based on experiments and 3D simulations, we show that a soft elastic film during adhesion and debonding from a rigid flat surface undergoes morphological transitions to pillars, labyrinths, and cavities, all of which have the same lateral pattern length scale, lambda close to lambda/H approximately 3 for thick films, H > 1 microm . The linear stability(More)
  • A Sharma
  • 2003
The role of essential, real life thin film complexities such as antagonistic (attractive and repulsive) interactions, retardation of van der Waals force, substrate and film heterogeneities, slippage and visco-elasticity are critically examined. It is argued that several factors that are usually overlooked within the framework of the most widely used simple(More)
The objective was to investigate the transdermal delivery kinetics of zolmitriptan from an iontophoretic patch system in Yorkshire swine in vivo. Preliminary in vitro experiments showed that cumulative drug transport during a 6-h current application (0.25 mA cm(-2)) was independent of patch load (263.7+/-92.7, 357.2+/-85.9, 374.9+/-74.3 and 335.9+/-27.7(More)