Ashutosh S. Limaye

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—Over the past two decades, successful estimation of soil moisture has been accomplished using L-band microwave radiometer data. However, remaining uncertainties related to surface roughness and the absorption, scattering, and emission by vegetation must be resolved before soil moisture retrieval algorithms can be applied with known and acceptable accuracy(More)
—Among passive microwave frequencies, sensors operating at C-and X-band frequencies have been used with some success to estimate near-surface soil moisture from aircraft and satellite platforms. The objective of this paper is to quantify the sensitivities of soil moisture retrieved via a single-channel single-polarization algorithm to the observed(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Soil moisture is a key state variable in the water and energy budget and its accurate estimation has been shown to substantially improve numerical weather prediction models, short-term (seasonal) climate forecasts, and agricultural and water resource management to name a few applications. Remote sensing is the only practical means to(More)
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