Ashutosh Jaiswal

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A multi-agent marketplace, MAGNET (Multi AGent Negotiation Testbed), is a promising solution for conducting online combinatorial auctions. The trust model of MAGNET is somewhat different from other on-line auction systems, since the marketplace, which mediates all communications between agents, acts as a partiallytrusted third party. In this paper, we(More)
We are interested in supporting multi-agent contracting in which customer agents solicit the resources and capabilities of other selfinterested supplier agents in order to accomplish their goals. Goals may involve the execution of multi-step tasks in which different tasks are contracted out to different suppliers. In this paper we focus on the design of(More)
This paper present a Improved Algorithm for Image Segmentation System for a RGB colour image, and presents a proposed efficient colour image segmentation algorithm based on evolutionary approach i. e. improved Genetic algorithm. The proposed technique, without any predefined parameters determines the optimum number of clusters for colour images. The optimal(More)
Introduction: Spinal anesthesia is one of the safest technique. The present study was conducted to assess effectiveness of preloading with crystalloid (Ringer’s Lactate) and colloid (Haemaccel) in equal volumes for prevention of spinal hypotension in cesarean section. Material and Methods: A total of 60 parturient of ASA grade I, scheduled for elective or(More)
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