Ashutosh Bagchi

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Traditionally the foundation in a dam is modeled by a sub-structuring approach for the purpose of seismic performance analysis. The main disadvantage of sub-structuring approach is that it cannot be used for solving nonlinear dynamic problems. Therefore, in that case seismic response analysis must be carried out in time domain. Among the different(More)
The changes in defects patterns or in element condition index during visual inspection of bridges are primary concerns for inspectors. This paper presents a new approach for change detection of defects in bridges by identifying changes in texture patterns through spectral analysis of digital images. The commonly used method for change detection is image(More)
Like other non-functional requirements (NFR), performance requirements can have global impact on a system. This article presents a preliminary study on the management of performance requirements of a distributed service delivery (DSD) system using the ‘Performance Requirement Framework (PeRF)’ developed by Nixon [B.A. Nixon, Management of performance(More)
The concrete gravity dams are designed to perform satisfactorily during an earthquake since the consequence of failure is catastrophic to the downstream communities. The foundation in a dam is usually modeled by a substructuring approach for the purpose of seismic response analysis. However, the substructuring cannot be used for solving nonlinear dynamic(More)
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