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A targeted library of substituted dibenzo[b,f]thiepines and dibenzo[b,f]oxepines (prototypes I, II and III), and structurally analogous to tamoxifen have been synthesized as a new class of anti-breast cancer agents. All the prototype molecules exhibited potential antiproliferative activity against ER + ve and ER-ve breast cancer cell lines.(More)
A novel class of gallic acid based glycoconjugates were designed and synthesized as potential anticancer agents. Among all the compounds screened, compound 2a showed potent anticancer activity against breast cancer cells. The latter resulted in tubulin polymerization inhibition and induced G2/M cell cycle arrest, generation of reactive oxygen species,(More)
The synthesis of estradiol based bivalent ligand [(EST)2DT] is reported and its potential for targeted imaging and therapy of ER(+) tumors has been evaluated. For the purpose, ethinylestradiol was functionalized with an azidoethylamine moiety via click chemistry. The resultant derivative was reacted in a bivalent mode with DTPA-dianhydride to form the(More)
In recent years, many alkaloids of plant origin have attracted great attention due to their diverse range of biological properties including anti-hyperglycemic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and anti-tumor activity. Herein, the pyranocarbazole alkaloids were isolated from leaves of Murraya koenigii and their anti-cancer potential was(More)
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