Ashudeb Dutta

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A low noise amplifier is one of the most commonly used components in analog and digital circuit designs. Low voltage, low power and low noise amplifier design has become an increasingly interesting subject as many applications switch to portable battery powered operations. An amplifier is linear electronic circuits that may used amplify an input signal and(More)
A single chip frequency synthesizer compliant with the ZigBee standard is designed in a standard 0.18/spl mu/ CMOS process. Integer N topology is chosen for the implementation. Synthesizer consists of third order passive loop filter; a CML based programmable frequency divider, a standard tristate PFD, a switch on source topology based charge pump and an on(More)
Thermal simulation of a stack consists of three IC layers bonded "face up" is performed. It is shown that by inserting electrically isolated thermal through silicon via (TTSV) having Cu core and CVD diamond as a liner shell that extends across the layers to substrate, significant temperature reduction up to (103K) 62% can be achieved which also reflected(More)
A CMOS impulse generator was designed as a part of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) wireless communication system. An input square wave signal is delayed by using differential pairs and then XORed with the input signal to produce short duration pulses. An RLC circuit works as a Band Pass Filter (BPF) used to generate Gaussian monopulse from the obtained short duration(More)
A fully passive printable Quick Response (QR) code embedded chipless RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technique is presented for secure identification of alive and nonalive amenity. A series of QR codes are printed in the form of a resonator in passive RFID tag, and the coded information is retrieved through frequency domain reflectometry method for(More)