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Over the past 15 years, artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been used increasingly for prediction and forecasting in water resources and environmental engineering. However, despite this high level of research activity, methods for developing ANN models are not yet well established. In this paper, the steps in the development of ANN models are outlined(More)
Identification of the presence of scaling in the river flow process has been a challenging problem in hydrology. Studies conducted thus far have viewed this problem essentially from a stochastic perspective, because the river flow process has traditionally been assumed to be a result of a very large number of variables. However, recent studies employing(More)
The bioproduction of benzaldehyde from benzyl alcohol using Pichia pastoris was examined in a solid–liquid two-phase partitioning bioreactor (TPPB) to reduce substrate and product inhibition. Rational polymer selection identified Elvax 40W as an effective sequestering phase, possessing partition coefficients for benzyl alcohol and benzaldehyde of 3.5 and(More)
OBJECTIVE Advance care planning (ACP) can result in end-of-life care that is more congruent with patients' values and preferences. There is increasing interest in video decision aids to assist with ACP. The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of video decision aids on patients' preferences regarding life-sustaining treatments (primary(More)
Haemodilution resulting from crystalloid priming of the cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) circuit is one of the important reasons for blood transfusion in cardiac surgery, especially in patients with low body surface area (BSA). A prospective study was performed to investigate the technique of intraoperative blood donation (IAD) and retrograde autologous priming(More)
Software maintenance is one of the tedious as well as costly phases in the software development life cycle. It starts immediately after the software product is delivered to the customer and ends when the product is no longer in use. There are various activities carried out during software maintenance phase such as the addition of new features, deletion of(More)