Ashton Morgan

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We estimate a negative binomial model with fixed effects to examine the impact of spatial differences in environmental regulation on manufacturing capital flows. Using a newly available data set, we find that stricter air quality standards with respect to ozone deter births of polluting plants, suggesting heterogeneity in regulatory standards may create a(More)
It is estimated that approximately 100 000 Irish homes have radon concentrations above the reference level of 200 Bq m(-3). To minimise the number of new homes with this problem, building regulations require that all new homes built since July 1998 in high radon areas are installed with radon barriers during construction. Measurements on local authority(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify public preferences for different attributes of out-of-hours primary medical care. METHODS This study applies a technique called conjoint analysis. A focus group was convened to identify the most important attributes for inclusion in the study, followed by a postal questionnaire asking people to choose between hypothetical services(More)
This study examines the influence of Gulf of Mexico views on residential home sales prices in Pinellas County, Florida. We utilize Light Detection and Ranging (lidar) data to construct four continuous measures of Gulf of Mexico views – the total view, the maximum view segment, the mean view segment, and proximity to view content. Our results illustrate that(More)
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