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Large blocks of stock play an important role in many studies of corporate governance and finance. Despite this important role, there is no standardized data set for these blocks, and the best available data source, Compact Disclosure, has many mistakes and biases. In this paper, we document these mistakes and show how to fix them. The mistakes and bias tend(More)
Diabetes mellitus places a significant burden on the U.S. healthcare system. Because of the potential to reduce diabetic complications and costs through intensive management, diabetes has become a primary target for disease management programs. We performed a retrospective analysis of short-term baseline and follow-up clinical, economic, and member and(More)
Conceptualizing new knowledge development as a process of search and recombination, we suggest that a focus on individual productivity alone presents an undersocialized view of human capital. Rather, we emphasize the importance of embedded relationships by individuals to effectively perform knowledge-generating activities. We rely on intraorganizational(More)
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