Ashton Bunce

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The field metabolic rate (FMR) of a free-ranging animal can be considered as the sum of its maintenance costs (minimum metabolic rate, MMR) and additional costs associated with thermoregulation, digestion, production and activity. However, the relationships between FMR and BMR and how they relate to behaviour and extrinsic influences is not clear. In(More)
With the aim of minimizing adverse health outcomes and reducing the risk of outbreaks, we offered one dose of MMR vaccine to children known to be incompletely immunized at the time of teenage booster vaccination in secondary schools in Swindon in 2011. The Child Health Department database was queried to identify Year 10 children who had had zero or one dose(More)
The bocaccio rockfish has historically supported an important fishery on the west coast of North America, and experienced a severe population collapse in the past several decades. Here we report development of 13 EST-SSR PCR primer pairs developed from previously published Sebastes EST databases. All loci are involved in metabolic processes. Diversity in a(More)
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