Ashraf Uddin

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This paper aims to perform a detailed scientometric and text-based analysis of Computer Science (CS) research output of the 100 most productive institutions in India and in the world. The analytical characterization is based on research output data indexed in Scopus during the last 25 years period (1989–2013). Our computational analysis involves a(More)
This paper presents a Sciento-text framework to characterize and assess research performance of leading world institutions in fine-grained thematic areas. While most of the popular university research rankings rank universities either on their overall research performance or on a particular subject, we have tried to devise a system to identify strong(More)
In Text analysis, the current focus of researcher is on performance. There is a wide research gap to design energy efficient hardware which is in use in text analysis. When room temperature is 25 degree Celsius, there is 60.01%, 39.98%, 20% reduction in Clock Power when we scale down device operating frequency from 250GHz to 200GHz, 150GHz and 100GHz(More)
This paper presents results of our Scientometrics and text-based analysis of computer science research output from India during the last 25 years. We have collected the data for research output indexed in Scopus and performed a detailed computational analysis to obtain important indicators, such as total research output, citation impact, collaboration(More)
This paper represents a scientometric-based analysis of Computer Science research in Bangladesh. The paper reports our analytical results from Scopus data for the last 25 years. The results present detailed statistics about the research output, the growth of research publications, citation-based impact analysis and collaboration patterns. It also tries to(More)
This paper describes our proposed approach for computational analysis of thematic blog data through a novel combine of sophisticated Information Retrieval and Language Processing Techniques. We have implemented algorithms for Topic Modeling, Entity Extraction and Sentiment Classification with a view to draw sociologically relevant inferences from freeform(More)
The optical properties of a novel semi-transparent organic solar cell were investigated to maximize photocurrent generation. The effect of multilayer anode thickness and illumination direction was studied. Optimized device can provide ~2.5 fold enhancement in photocurrent.
Organic–inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have emerged as a new class of optoelectronic semiconductors that revolutionized the photovoltaic research in the recent years. The perovskite solar cells present numerous advantages include unique electronic structure, bandgap tunability, superior charge transport properties, facile processing, and low(More)
This paper presents a scientometric and text-based analysis of Computer Science (CS) research output from 100 most productive institutions from India. The CS research output during the last 25 years (1989-2013), in journals and conferences indexed in Scopus, is analyzed to identify the major research themes and their trends. The computational analysis(More)