Ashraf Saad Hussein

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—In computational flow visualization, integration based geometric flow visualization is often used to explore the flow field structure. A typical time-varying dataset from a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation can easily require hundreds of gigabytes to even terabytes of storage space, which creates challenges for the consequent data-analysis(More)
Background modeling and subtraction is a core component in motion detection and analysis, using a stationary camera. This paper proposes a new technique for background modeling and subtraction capable of processing a real-time video and achieving high detection rates. Color information alone can't handle dynamic environments. On the other hand, edge or(More)
This paper summarizes the progress achieved through the build of a scientific data visualization web service; a client-server system that is designed to acquire visualization requests from users connected to a web browser, perform the visualization process and provide them with the visualization results. Interacting with the visualization results is another(More)
This paper presents a multi-label automatic GrabCut technique for the problem of image segmentation. GrabCut is considered as one of the binary-label segmentation techniques because it is based on the famous s/t graph cut minimization technique for image segmentation. This paper extends the automatic binary-label GrabCut to a multi-label technique that can(More)
Recently, many parallel solutions were proposed in order to accelerate the exact methods for optimal alignment of DNA sequences. However, most of these solutions calculate only the alignment similarity score without finding the actual alignment. This paper presents an efficient solution to find the optimal alignment of the huge DNA sequences. This solution(More)
This paper presents an intelligent model for stock market signal prediction using Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP) Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Blind source separation technique, from signal processing, is integrated with the learning phase of the constructed baseline MLP ANN to overcome the problems of prediction accuracy and lack of generalization.(More)
Mobile visualization allows users to visualize data anywhere, anytime, on various mobile clients connected by wireless networks. In this paper, an efficient framework is proposed for the remote rendering of large point-based 3D models represented by QSplats Level-Of-Detail (LOD) on mobile devices. As client-oblivious data model is used, rendering tasks are(More)