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Current Status of Musculoskeletal Trauma Care Systems Worldwide
Background and Rationale: Although general trauma care systems and their effects on mortality reduction have been studied, little is known of the current state of musculoskeletal trauma deliveryExpand
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All Internal Segmental Bone Transport and Optional Lengthening With a Newly Developed Universal Cylinder-Kombi-Tube Module for Motorized Nails-Description of a Surgical Technique.
Segmental transport is an effective method of treatment for segmental defects, but the need for external fixation during the transport phase is a disadvantage. To avoid external fixation, we haveExpand
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In Vivo CT Analysis of Physiological Fibular Motion at the Level of the Ankle Syndesmosis During Plantigrade Weightbearing
Background. It is clear that motion at the syndesmosis occurs due to ranging of the ankle joint, but the influence of weightbearing with the foot in the plantigrade position is unclear. In vivoExpand
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Reliability of the Dorsal Tangential View in Assessment of Distal Radioulnar Joint Reduction in the Neutral, Pronated, and Supinated Positions in a Cadaver Model.
PURPOSE Intraoperative assessment of distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) alignment is often based on lateral radiographs whose interpretation is dependent upon positioning the forearm in neutral rotation.Expand
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Effect of initial emergency room imaging choice on time to hip reduction and repeat imaging.
OBJECTIVES Hip dislocations are highly morbid injuries necessitating prompt reduction and post-reduction assessment for fracture and incarcerated fragments. Recent literature has questioned the needExpand
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Management of Pelvic Ring Injury Patients With Hemodynamic Instability
Pelvic ring injuries (PRI) are among the most difficult injuries to deal with in orthopedic trauma. When these injuries are accompanied by hemodynamic instability their management becomesExpand
TightRope Versus Biocomposite Interference Screw for Fixation in Allograft ACL Reconstruction
Background: Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is a commonly performed procedure with many options regarding graft choice and graft fixation. The purpose of this study was to compareExpand