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There are many slaughter procedures that religions and cultures use around the world. The two that are commercially relevant are the halal and kosher methods practiced by Muslims and Jews respectively. The global trade in red meat and poultry produced using these two methods is substantial, thus the importance of the quality of the meat produced using the(More)
Centre pour la promotion de la paix (KOFF) Fondation suisse pour la paix (FSP) Centro per la promozione della pace (KOFF) Fondazione svizzera per la pace (FSP) Barnett R. Rubin drafted an earlier version of this paper for the Swiss Federal Government , whose support is gratefully acknowledged. While drafting, he consulted Ashraf Ghani, whose longstanding(More)
Loss of legitimacy is the key to the fragility and failure of states. The vicious circle begins with the loss of trust by citizens in the ability of their state to create an inclusive political, social, and economic order made predictable by rule of law. Some of the markers of the process of loss of legitimacy are: an increase in illegality, informality,(More)
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