Ashraf Fouad

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The purpose of this in vitro study was to investigate the canal configuration types, and the prevalence and location of anatomical variations in the mesiobuccal (MB) and mesial roots of permanent maxillary and mandibular first molars after instrumentation. The number and the type of canals were determined before instrumentation using conventional methods.(More)
Next-generation sequencing technologies have revolutionized the analysis of microbial communities in diverse environments, including the human body. This article reviews several aspects of one of these technologies, the pyrosequencing technique, including its principles, applications, and significant contribution to the study of the human microbiome, with(More)
Endodontic infections are a leading cause of oro-facial pain and tooth loss in western countries, and may lead to severe life-threatening infections. These infections are polymicrobial with high bacterial diversity. Understanding the spatial transition of microbiota from normal oral cavities through the infected root canal to the acute periapical abscess(More)
INTRODUCTION Endodontic-periodontal combined lesion is a clinical dilemma because making a differential diagnosis and deciding a prognosis are difficult. METHODS Twenty-six cases from 14 articles involving the successful management of endodontic-periodontal lesions with concurrent regenerative procedures were reviewed. This article also presents(More)
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