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Wireless sensor network (WSN) technologies are considered one of the key research areas in computer science and the healthcare application industries for improving the quality of life. The purpose of this paper is to provide a snapshot of current developments and future direction of research on wearable and implantable body area network systems for(More)
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is an important and necessary component in ensuring network security and protecting network resources and infrastructures. In this paper, we effectively introduced intrusion detection system by using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) with Support Vector Machines (SVMs) as an approach to select the optimum feature subset. We(More)
This paper introduces a hybrid scheme that combines the advantages of deep belief network and support vector machine. An application of intrusion detection imaging has been chosen and hybridization scheme have been applied to see their ability and accuracy to classify the intrusion into two outcomes: normal or attack, and the attacks fall into four classes;(More)
Multimodal biometric approaches are growing in importance for personal verification and identification, since they provide better recognition results and hence improve security compared to biometrics based on a single modality. In this paper, we present a multimodal biometric system that is based on the fusion of face and fingerprint biometrics. For face(More)
Email spam or junk e-mail (unwanted e-mail " usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk ") is one of the major problems of the today's Internet, bringing financial damage to companies and annoying individual users. Among the approaches developed to stop spam, filtering is an important and popular one. Common uses for mail filters include organizing(More)
Up to date and accurate urban land cover information is needed in a variety of applications, e.g. urban planning and management. However, depending on traditional surveying tools, especially in large metropolitan cities, to produce such date is a time consuming and expensive task. This has initiated the need to classify remotely sensed data to extract urban(More)
This paper presents a proposed model regarding Heterogeneous Data Reduction. The model reduces data over a heterogeneous environment through feature selection/extraction. The feature is selected/extracted directly from its data source and prepared without an initial integration for all data sources. After that the selected/extracted prepared feature is(More)
Digital Watermarking (DW) based on computational intelligence (CI) is currently attracting considerable interest from the research community. This article provides an overview of the research progress in applying CI methods to the problem of DW. The scope of this review will encompass core methods of CI, including rough sets (RS), fuzzy logic (FL),(More)