Ashraf Adel Bany Mohammed

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Based on the promising developments in Cloud Computing technologies in recent years, commercial computing resource services (e.g. Amazon EC2) or software-as-a-service offerings (e.g. came into existence. However, the relatively weak business exploitation, participation, and adoption of other Cloud Computing services remain the main(More)
OBJECTIVE An epidemiological comparative survey aimed at determination of prevalence and focal distribution of Schistosomes infection and intestinal parasites to provide a reference for evaluating the need for community intervention. METHODS All children of 14th October Primary School were involved. The children were from 7 villages that lie on the(More)
Computer Based Assessment (CBA) is being a very popular method to evaluate students' performance at the university level. This research aims to examine the constructs that affect students' intention to use the CBA. The proposed model is based on previous technology models such as were collected using a survey questionnaire from 546 participants who had used(More)
Flyback converters have been quite used for DC-DC conversion and electrical isolation since they are simple to operate, minimum component count and small size. Flyback converter like any other switch mode power supply (SMPS) has two modes of conduction, the best mode for the design is selected and implemented. Due to its operation in relatively high(More)
Operational amplifiers have been used for interfacing analog signals to microcontrollers units. Due to its random nature, analog signals vary very much, perhaps then exceed the voltage ranges of operation. Chip manufacturers protect their chips by using diode circuits, but those diodes are not intended to normal use. To overcome the signals which may exceed(More)
Business-to-Employee (B2E) portals are a key form of electronic business (e-business). B2E portals provide business with diverse services that allow employee to access a wide-range of electronic self service systems, conduct their tasks effectively and improve organization efficiency. This research seeks to understand the drivers and factors influencing the(More)
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