Ashot S. Saghiyan

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A novel simple synthetic protocol for the preparation of both (2S,4R)- and (2S,4S)-FGlu, applying Michael addition of methyl α-fluoroacrylate to a NiII complex of glycine Schiff base with BPB, was elaborated. In addition, same reaction of mentioned complex with ethyl α-bromoacrylate leads to the NiII complex of the Schiff base of BPB with(More)
1 The protective role of low concentrations of water soluble bacterial melanin injected intramuscularly on the day after the unilateral ablation of the sensorimotor cortex was demonstrated in rats using the example of the recovery of operant conditioned reflexes (OCR) and movement of a paralyzed hind leg. It is known that the process of compensatory(More)
K m for L-phenylalanine, L-glutamic acid, L-aspartic acid, and the corresponding keto acids were calculated, as well as V max was measured for the following pairs of substrates: L-phenylalanine-2-ketoglutarate, L-phenylalanine-oxaloacetate, L-glutamic acid-phenylpyruvate, and L-aspartic acid-phenylpyruvate for aminotransferases PAT1, PAT2, and PAT3 from(More)
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