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Kinetic and equilibrium aspects of the recognition of antigenic model membranes by antibodies have been studied. Monoclonal anti-fluorescein IgG and its monovalent Fab fragment were allowed to interact with a fluorescein-lipid hapten that was incorporated into phospholipid vesicles. The binding was assayed in the nanomolar hapten concentration range by(More)
Syngeneic polyclonal antibodies were elicited to an affinity labeled high affinity (2-3 X 10(10) M-1) anti-fluorescein murine IgG2a monoclonal antibody. Hyperimmune ascites fluid was tested for reactivity with homologous liganded, affinity labeled and non-liganded Fab fragments derived from the high affinity antibody. Binding results demonstrated antibody(More)
Experimental evidence of bouncing localized structures in a nonlinear optical system is reported. Oscillations in the position of the localized states are described by a consistent amplitude equation, which we call the Lifshitz normal form equation, in analogy with phase transitions. Localized structures are shown to arise close to the Lifshtiz point, where(More)
Forty- and ninety-liter airlift bioreactors have been used successfully to grow hybridoma cell lines in chemically defined serum-free media. In the airlift bioreactor, hybridoma cell growth and monoclonal antibody productivity are comparable to that obtained by conventional cell culture. At sparging rates of 0.60-1.20 vvh (volume of sparged gas per(More)
In the preceding paper (Petrossian, A. and Owicki, J.C. (1984), Biochim. Biophys. Acta 776, 217-227), we describe the binding of a monoclonal anti-fluorescein antibody to a membrane bound fluorescein-lipid hapten. Those results suggest that some of the hapten fluorescein moiety is extended away from the membrane surface and is available for antibody(More)
We report a new mechanism for the secondary instabilities of traveling wave patterns in dissipative systems. In close analogy to nonlinear optics and plasma physics, it is a process of three-wave interaction that leads to sum-frequency generation. The primary traveling wave gives rise to two additional wave components, an upper and a lower frequency. We(More)
The synthesis of a fluorescent lipid for use in studies of immune recognition of model membranes is described. The molecule has the basic structure HAPTEN-SPACER-LIPID, where fluorescein is the hapten, an oligopeptide (triglycine) is the spacer, and dipalmitoylphosphatidylethanolamine (DPPE) is the lipid. The spacer, which is necessary for immunological(More)
We have obtained equilibrium and rate constants for the interaction of monoclonal IgG and its monovalent Fab fragment with a hapten (fluorescein) attached to the surface of a liposome. Binding was detected at nanomolar hapten concentrations by the quenching of the hapten's fluorescence on antibody binding. The binding parameters were computed from nonlinear(More)
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