Ashokumar Palanisamy

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In the present study, comparison of 2 different culture media (Ham's F-12 and M-199) for supporting in vitro maturation of goat oocytes, and their subsequent embryonic development was evaluated in the presence or absence of sera (estrous goat serum, EGS and fetal calf serum, FCS) and hormones (FSH, 0.5 ug/ml, LH, 5 ug/ml and estradiol, 1 ug/ml). Neither(More)
Previous studies from our laboratory have demonstrated the potential anticarcinogenicity of vanadium, a dietary micronutrient in rat liver, colon, and mammary carcinogenesis models in vivo. In this paper, we have investigated further the antihepatocarcinogenic role of this essential trace element by studying several biomarkers of chemical carcinogenesis(More)
The goal of this study was to record the hormonal and follicular turnover in Jersey crossbred cows when subjected for follicular wave synchronization using GnRH. Six healthy, non-lactating and regularly cycling Jersey crossbred cows (5-6 y) were used for the study. In the control group, the follicular wave pattern was ultrasonographically investigated in 18(More)
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