Ashok Wadhwa

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Organisational Climate (OC) has been an important topic of research in Organisational Development. There are several frameworks and approaches to study OC. One such framework focuses on the effect of OC on motivation. Although studying OC from viewpoint of motivetion is an important one, there is very limited research in Indian public health system on(More)
Hepatitis is a known manifestation of congenital syphilis, however hepatitis developing during penicillin therapy is unknown. Ten patients of congenital syphilis were studied and serial liver enzymes were done before and after starting penicillin therapy. Eight of the ten patients developed hepatitis after initiating penicillin therapy. Whether hepatitis in(More)
Fifty children with culture proven acute meningococcaemia were studied during the winter outbreak of the disease in 1986-87. Purpuric lesions were seen in 60 per cent, erythematous papules in 32 per cent, faint pink macules in 28 per cent, conjunctival petechiae in 10 per cent and herpes labialis in 20 per cent. Histopathology of skin lesions showed that(More)
Elderly become vulnerable to malnutrition owing to inappropriate dietary intake, poor economic status and social deprivation. Elderly are known to be easily subjected to inanition and avitaminosis resulting in multiple nutritional deficiencies. Urban slum dwellers, rural poor and those living alone appear to be at a higher risk of poor dietary intake.(More)