Ashok W. Deshpande

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Use of computer based decision tools to aid clinical decision making, has been a primary goal of research in biomedical informatics. Research in the last five decades has led to the development of Medical Decision Support (MDS) applications using a variety of modeling techniques, for a diverse range of medical decision problems. This paper surveys(More)
The potential of computer based tools to assist physicians in medical decision making, was envisaged five decades ago. Apart from factors like usability, integration with work-flow and natural language processing, lack of decision accuracy of the tools has hindered their utility. Hence, research to develop accurate algorithms for medical decision support(More)
Urbanization and industrialization with minimal focus on environmental pollution has resulted in rapid degradation of natural environment. A fresh look at the pollution control strategies is, therefore, necessary. An attempt has been made to address the problem and a new formalism is proposed for ranking of industries based on their water and air pollution(More)
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