Ashok T. Amin

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Let (<i>G</i>, <i>R</i>) denote the directed graph obtained from undirected graph <i>G</i> by an acyclic orientation <i>R</i> so that (<i>G</i>, <i>R</i>) contains no directed cycle. We consider acyclic orientations <i>R</i> of a unicyclic graph <i>G</i> which maximizes/minimizes the number of ordered pairs of non-adjacent vertices with directed paths in(More)
Anesthetized rhesus monkeys and rabbits were exposed to pulsed ultrasound, from a 1.8 cm diameter transducer placed against the head. Each ultrasonic exposure lasted 4 min; it consisted of a series of 1-2 mu sec pulses, with a frequency spectrum broadly centered about the transducer resonant frequency of 1.5 MHz, repeated at a rate of 950 Hz. The time(More)
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