Ashok T. Amin

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Let G be a probabilistic (n,m) graph in which each vertex exists independently with fixed probability p , 0 < p < 1. Pair-connected reliability of G, denoted PC,(G;p), is the expected number of connected pairs of vertices in G. An (n.m) graph G is uniformly optimally reliable i f PC,(G;p) 2 PC,(H;p) for all p, 0 < p < 1, over all (n,m) graphs H. It is shown(More)
Let (<i>G</i>, <i>R</i>) denote the directed graph obtained from undirected graph <i>G</i> by an acyclic orientation <i>R</i> so that (<i>G</i>, <i>R</i>) contains no directed cycle. We consider acyclic orientations <i>R</i> of a unicyclic graph <i>G</i> which maximizes/minimizes the number of ordered pairs of non-adjacent vertices with directed paths in(More)
  • Ashok T. Amin
  • The Southeast Asian journal of tropical medicine…
  • 1992
One paradox in the recent pattern of urbanization in Asia is 'metropolisation' and 'informalization'. This is paradoxical since growth and development of a metropolis is expected to reduce its traditional or informal sector. From available evidence, this paper shows that metropolisation in Asia, instead of reducing the size of informal sector, is rather(More)
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