Ashok Shanubhogue

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Two examples in quantitative biology are examined to emphasize the need for two-phase regression models: the osmotic behaviour of cells and the non-linear temperature kinetics of membrane-bound enzyme systems. Existing statistical techniques are inadequate to test the equality of break-points of two data sets for specific reasons. We suggest here a(More)
• In this paper, we consider the problem of estimating the parameters of a subset selected from p (p ≥ 2) left-truncated Poisson distributions under Stein loss function. Two problems of estimations are considered; average worth and simultaneous estimation. For the average worth, the natural estimator is shown to be positively biased with respect to Stein(More)
Abstract In this paper, we propose Bayes Shrinkage (BS) estimators and Bayes Pre-test (BP) estimators for the scale parameter of Weibull distribution using type II progressive censored sample and study their properties under Squared Error Loss Function (SELF) and LINEX loss function (LLF). The results show that the suggested BP estimators, in terms relative(More)
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