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TCP optimization in mobile ad hoc networks MANETs is a challenging issue because of some unique characteristics of MANETs. Packet losses in MANETs are mainly due to congestion and frequent link failures but in case of wired networks packet losses are mainly due to congestion. To optimize TCP in MANETs we use congestion control and avoidance algorithms. In(More)
Catholic Healthcare West is now rechristened Dignity Health. Freed from its formal ties with the Roman Catholic Church, it's seeking to expand east by more easily adding hospitals that may have previously been apprehensive about adopting Catholic ethical directives. "I would say our vision has not changed and neither has our mission as being a voice for the(More)
Mobile Ad-Hoc Network is an autonomous group of mobile users that communicate using wireless links with no support from any pre-existing infrastructure network and used as a highly reliable end-to-end protocol for transporting applications. But in wireless networks suffers from significant throughput degradation and delays. It uses Congestion Control and(More)