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Secure one-to-many multicasting has been a popular research area in the recent past. Secure many-to-many multicasting is becoming popular with applications such as private conferencing and distributed interactive simulation. Most of the existing secure multicasting protocols use a centralized group manager to enforce access control and for key distribution.(More)
This paper evaluates how biologically meaningful landmarks and their geometry extracted from face images can be used for face recognition. The traditional Procrustes distance is studied for the landmark-based face model. By using complex principal component analysis, we propose a refined Procrustes distance that incorporates statistical correlation of(More)
Abstract. Our proposed approach to text and line-art extraction requires accurately locating a text-string box and identifying external line vectors incident on the box. The results of extrapolating these vectors inside the box are passed to an experimental single-font optical character reader (OCR) program, specifically trained for the font used for(More)
<lb>Multicasting is a scalable solution for group communication. Whereas secure unicast is a well-<lb>understood problem, scalable secure multicast poses several unique security problems, namely group<lb>membership control, scalable key distribution to a dynamic group. We address scalability in the pro-<lb>posed protocol by using hierarchical subgrouping.(More)
Analysis of attractiveness of faces has long been a topic of research. Literature has identified many different factors that can be related to attractiveness including symmetry, averageness, sexual dimorphism and adherence to the Golden Ratio. In this research we systematically analyze the role of three factors: symmetry, conformance to Neoclassical Canons(More)
A genetic algorithm (GA) is an optimization method based on natural selection. Genetic algorithms have been applied to many hard optimization problems including VLSI layout optimization, boolean satis ability, power system control, fault detection, control systems, and signal processing. GAs have been recognized as a robust general-purpose optimization(More)
A Geographic Information System (GIS) populated with disparate data sources has multiple and different representations of the same real-world object. Often, the type of information in these sources is different, and combining them to generate one composite representation has many benefits. The first step in this conflation process is to identify the(More)
In this paper we propose a dual encryption protocol f o r scalable secure multicasting. Multicasting is a scalable solution f o r group communication. It howevel; poses several unique security problems. We use hierarchical subgrouping to achieve scalability. Third party hosts or members of the multicast group are designated as subgroup managers. They are(More)