Ashok Pon Kumar

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Efficiency is critical to the profitability of software maintenance and support organizations. Managing such organizations effectively requires suitable measures of efficiency that are sensitive enough to detect significant changes, and accurate and timely in detecting them. Mean time to close problem reports is the most commonly used efficiency measure,(More)
A significant amount of energy is wasted by electrical appliances when they operate inefficiently either due to anomalies and/or incorrect usage. To address this problem, we present SocketWatch - an autonomous appliance monitoring system. SocketWatch is positioned between a wall socket and an appliance. SocketWatch learns the behavioral model of the(More)
HVAC and lighting loads contribute a significant fraction of total energy consumed in office buildings. These loads vary as a function of occupancy and therefore inferring occupancy is vital to optimizing energy efficiency within these buildings. This work presents evaluation and comparison results from a field trial conducted in a large office building,(More)
Online social networks can be viewed as implicit real world networks, that manage to capture a wealth of information about heterogeneous nodes and edges, which are highly interconnected. Such abundant data can be beneficial in finding and retrieving relevant people and entities within these networks. Effective methods of achieving this can be useful in(More)
Power transformers are the most critical and expensive assets for utility companies and are expected to last for at-least 30-40 years. Unfortunately, many of them have failed before reaching their rated life. In order to prevent such premature failures, utility companies usually deploy real time asset management system by installing thermal sensors (e.g.(More)
With synchrophasor-based wide area situational awareness systems, the number of data signals that an operator must process at any given time, especially during disturbances, can be overwhelming. To assist both the operations team as well other teams monitoring and studying the state of the power system, we propose an event understanding framework that(More)
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