Ashok Mishra

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INTRODUCTION Only a limited proportion of patients with psychiatric disorders attend the healthcare facilities, and that too when the condition becomes severe. Treatment from unqualified medical practitioners and faith healers is a common practice, and is attributable to the delay in proper treatment. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study was(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The mass drug administration (MDA) is one of the strategies to eliminate lymphatic filariasis in India. Eleven districts are endemic for the disease in Madhya Pradesh state of India, which conduct MDA activities annually. A mid-term evaluation was conducted with the objectives to review the progress of the single dose of(More)
Climate variability poses a severe threat to subsistence farmers in southern Africa. Two different approaches have emerged in recent years to address these threats: the use of seasonal precipitation forecasts for risk reduction (e.g. choosing seed varieties that can perform well for expected rainfall conditions), and the use of innovative financial(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculosis is one of the oldest diseases known to mankind. However, still practitioners are unaware of various facts associated with it. OBJECTIVES (1) To assess the knowledge, attitude and practices adopted by practitioners of both government and private sectors in diagnosis and management of TB patients. (2) To assess the views of(More)
OBJECTIVE Measles is associated with high rate of complications and contributes to a major proportion of childhood morbidity and mortality. The role of vit A supplementation (VAS) in the case management of measles and prevention of complications is partially understood and not sufficiently supported by epidemiological data. This paper analyses the possible(More)
BACKGROUND Violence against women is a universal phenomenon that persists in all communities and in all countries of the world and the perpetrator of that violence is often well-known to the victim. Domestic violence in particular continues to be frighteningly common and well-accepted as "normal" within too many societies. OBJECTIVES (1) The primary aim(More)
The economic well-being of most U.S. farm households depends on income from both onfarm and off-farm activities. Consequently, for many farm households, economic decisions (including technology adoption and other production decisions) are likely to be shaped by the allocation of managerial time among such activities. While time allocation decisions are(More)
BACKGROUND Measles is a major cause of childhood morbidity and mortality, accounting for nearly half of the morbidity associated with global vaccine preventable diseases. Regular outbreaks of Measles are reported in India, of which only a few are investigated. This study was conducted in the Shivpuri District of Madhya Pradesh (India) to investigate and(More)
Adverse weather conditions for roads, which cause transportation systems to perform far below capacity, can severely affect society's economic output. As elimination of road weather events is not possible, transportation agencies perform proactive and reactive maintenance activities to minimize adverse impacts to keep roadways in optimum condition. While(More)