Ashok Matte

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  • A C Matte
  • 1981
Aggressive behavior, motor activity and defecation were examined simultaneously in wild male mice following daily growth hormone (GH) administration. GH was found to increase isolation-induced aggression by increasing fighting duration and decreasing latency to fight. There was no influence on non-aggressive motor activity nor on the defecation rate, a(More)
It is known that the serum creatine kinase increases as a result of different conditions and that isolation in male mice induces aggressive behaviour after regrouping. The levels of serum creatine kinase were studied in isolated and in regrouped male albino mice. A considerable increase of creatine kinase was found in regrouped male mice fighting for(More)
OBJECTIVES This study concerns: (1) the long-term effects of peripheral lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in neonatal rats on inflammation and antioxidant parameters in brain and (2) the effects of a Spirulina-enriched diet given to lactating mothers on protective and inflammatory parameters in brains of suckling pups subjected to peripheral inflammation. METHODS(More)
The inhibitor of catecholamine synthesis at the tyrosine hydroxylase level, alpha-methyltyrosine, administered in daily doses of 250 mg/kg IP, altered motor activity and aggressive behavior of isolated male mice in ten-minute paired encounter tests conducted on nine successive days. Motor activity was determined by an electromagnetic activity meter which(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Neonatal infection can sensitize the adult substantia nigra (SN) to secondary insults, causing a decrease in antioxidant capacity which may lead to Parkinson's disease in adults. We studied the prolonged effect of systemic infection by (i.p.) administration of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) on interleukin (IL)-1β, the antioxidant regulator nuclear(More)
A method is described for quantitating isolation-induced aggression in wild male mice by measuring coarse motor activity. It is based on the operational definition that aggression is the form of motor activity in which two (or more) animals are involved in behaviour patterns, such as physical attack and/or defence including pursuit and flight. Both coarse(More)
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