Ashok Mahapatra

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Clear cell meningioma (CCM) is an uncommon variant of meningioma, which affect younger patients, occur more often in spinal or cerebello pontine locations and shows a higher recurrence rate. Only few case reports have been described in the literature. The study has been undertaken to document the clinicopathological features of nine cases of CCM, operated(More)
Eight children with post-traumatic pseudomeningocele are reported. In this paper the mean age at the time of injury was one year and ten months. All of them gave a history of a fall from a height. In six patients the meningocele was located in the parietooccipital region. The frontal bone was involved in one and the roof of the orbit in another. All these(More)
Lumbar disc herniation is mainly a disease of elderly people as degenerative changes progress with age. Present retrospective analysis was performed on 742 patients of lumbar disc disease operated over 11 years. Of 742 cases aged 20 years or less, 25 has been evaluated to see the clinical features, radiological features, operative findings, and outcome of(More)
Growing fractures rarely arise in the skull base. Only six cases of orbital roof growing fractures were found in the relevant literature. We report two such cases. The first case was a 2-year-old girl who had progressive proptosis for 6 months following a mild head injury 1 year previously. The second case was a 9-year-old girl with a history of injury at(More)
OBJECT Mutations of the gene encoding isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) have been shown in a significant proportion of diffuse gliomas. These mutations are specific to gliomas and their utility for diagnosis and prognostication of these tumors is being proclaimed. The present study was conducted with the aim of assessing frequency of IDH1 mutations in gliomas,(More)
PURPOSE To explore the role of single-photon emission CT (SPECT) in initial diagnostic evaluation of patients with mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and to identify subgroups in which it may serve as a useful diagnostic tool. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients with MTBI seen during a 14-month period were prospectively included in this study. All patients had(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the efficacy of delayed optic nerve decompression in traumatic optic nerve injury. STUDY DESIGN Critical analysis of Proforma-based, prospectively accrued data of all cases with injury to surgery interval of greater than 2 weeks. METHODS Thirty-five cases with a median injury to surgery interval of 56 days (range, 16-374 d). Surgical(More)
Giant intradiploic epidermoid cyst of the skull is a rare tumour. Only a small number of cases have been reported. Over a 16-year period, we treated eight cases of giant intradiploic epidermoid cyst of the skull. All cases were between 19 and 45 years of age, except one aged of 61 years. Five cases presented with local swellings, three patients came with(More)
Pituitary abscess is a rare condition occurring in various age groups. Only about a hundred cases have been reported in the literature. We describe six cases that constitute 0.6% of all the pituitary lesions operated at this centre in the last 10 years. All the patients presented with visual symptoms, though systemic features of infection were present in(More)
BACKGROUND To study the visual outcome of patients who became blind after an episode of pituitary apoplexy and who subsequently underwent emergency transsphenoidal decompression of the optic apparatus, and to identify factors that may have a bearing on the visual outcome in such patients. METHODS Twenty-three patients underwent transsphenoidal surgery for(More)