Ashok M. Sapkal

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Research in motion analysis has evolved over the years as a challenging field, such as traffic monitoring, military, medicine and biological sciences etc. Detection and tracking of moving objects in video sequences can offer significant benefits to motion analysis. In this an approach is proposed for the detection and tracking of moving object in an image(More)
Completely Automated Public Turing Tests to Tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHAs) are the automatic filters that are widely used these days to disallow any automated script that can perform the work of a human. CAPTCHAs are built in such a way that it is very difficult for any automated script to break them. In this paper, an approach to break text(More)
In today's multimedia wireless communication, major issue is bandwidth needed to satisfy real time transmission of image data. Compression is one of the good solutions to address this issue. Transform based compression algorithms are widely used in the field of compression, because of their de-correlation and other properties, useful in compression. In this(More)
This paper presents a new approach to authenticate individuals using multiple biometric modalities. It deploys palm print and palm vein images for greater accuracy and flexibility. The contactless system uses a multispectral camera to capture the visible and Near Infrared Images (NIR) simultaneously. Subjects are allowed to place their hands freely below(More)
Image processing is one of the most researched areas these days due to the flooding of the internet with an overload of images. The noble medicine industry is not left untouched. It has also suffered with an excess of patient record storage and maintenance. With the advent of automation of the industries in the world, the medicine industry has sought to(More)
Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is the extraction of vehicle license plate information from an image or a sequence of images or video as input. A learning based approach plays a very important role in recognition process. ALPR system consists of four modules named as Acquisition of an image, localization of license plate, segmentation of an image(More)
The demand for satellite communication and a wide-ranging objective, however, is often to achieve maximum data transfer, in a minimum bandwidth while maintaining an satisfactory quality of transmission. The transmission quality is basically concerned with the probability of bit error at the receiver here with respect to communication. This is an attempt to(More)
— Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) codes are one of the best error correcting codes that enable the future generations of wireless devices. In this paper we have presented an FPGA based self error checking & correction system with higher capability. We implemented the error correction algorithms such as belief propagation & bit flip algorithm. The number of(More)