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Designing an automatic pattern recognition system is a challenging task. However, despite the design challenges, its enormous application potentials have attracted the attention of researchers and developers over the last four to five decades. Design of recognition systems for handwritten character applications has been a subject of intensive research, and(More)
Sign language is used by deaf and hard hearing people to exchange information between their own community and with other people. Computer recognition of sign language deals from sign gesture acquisition and continues till text/speech generation. Sign gestures can be classified as static and dynamic. However static gesture recognition is simpler than dynamic(More)
Sign language recognition is helpful in communication between signing people and non-signing people. Various research projects are in progress on different sign language recognition systems worldwide. The research is limited to a particular country as there are country wide variations available. The idea of this project is to design a system that can(More)
— Sign language is a root level communication language for deaf people or those who are hearing impaired, so they found difficulty to communicate with the outer world. Hearing impaired people also had less reading skills, than the average educated person [5] so they cannot understand or gain information from outer world such as from Banks, Railways, and(More)
Necrotizing fasciitis is one of the uncommon presentations of a rapidly spreading subcutaneous tissue infection. Although the actual cause is unclear in many cases, most of them are due to the rapid proliferation of microorganisms. Retroperitoneal necrotizing fasciitis is extremely rare. It is a potentially lethal infection that requires immediate and(More)
Sign language recognition is helpful in communication between deaf or mute people with people who don't even know sign language. This has wide applications in communication at various public places. A system for computer-human interface of Indian Sign Language recognition in the domain of characters is proposed. This paper describes a system for automating(More)
Cutting force and chip reduction coefficient is the important index of machinability as it determines the power consumption and amount of energy invested in machining actions. It is primarily influenced by process parameters like cutting speed, feed and depth of cut. This paper presents the application of Taguchi's parameter design to optimize the(More)
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