Ashok Kumar Pradhan

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—Recently, the authors proposed a clustering approach based on the Fuzzy C-medoid algorithm (FCMdd), for segregating large power systems into coherent electric areas centered around a representative so-called medoid-bus. This bus was shown to be a natural location for PMU in the context of wide-area measurement system (WAMS) configuration for of dynamic(More)
—The paper presents an apparent impedance calculation procedure for distance relaying of transmission line involving FACTS devices, particularly the UPFC (unified power flow controller). The presence of UPFC significantly affects the trip boundaries which are also adversely affected by fault resistance combined with remote end infeed. Depending on the UPFC(More)
The paper presents a new approach for classification and location of faults on a transmission line using a newer version of radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) which provides a more efficient approach for training and computation. The input data to the RBFNN comprise the normalised peak values of the fundamental power system voltage and current(More)
This paper presents a new technique for diagnosis and classification of power quality disturbances. The proposed method applies Hilbert transform to analyze the distorted voltage waveforms and then extract their features. The distorted voltage waveforms are generated by Matlab simulink on the test system. The extracted input features such as standard(More)
A series of twelve novel isoxazole analogs containing dibenzosuberane moiety were synthesized using convergent synthesis approach. Newly synthesized compounds were well characterized by mass spectroscopy, IR and NMR spectroscopy. All the compounds were screened for their antiproliferative property against HepG2 and HeLa cell lines. Among them, compounds 7a,(More)