Ashok Kumar Pradhan

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—Recently, the authors proposed a clustering approach based on the Fuzzy C-medoid algorithm (FCMdd), for segregating large power systems into coherent electric areas centered around a representative so-called medoid-bus. This bus was shown to be a natural location for PMU in the context of wide-area measurement system (WAMS) configuration for of dynamic(More)
With the advancement of technologies in the field of communication and increasing need of one-to-many communication in different spares of life, multicast communication is becoming a challenging issue in modern communication. The main challenge of multicasting in fiber optics communication is request blocking due to finite resource in WDM optical network.(More)
In Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) optical networks, the failure of network resources (e.g., fiber link or node) can disrupt the transmission of information to several destination nodes on a light-tree based multicast sessions. Thus, it is essential to protect multicast sessions by reserving resources along back-up trees. So that if primary tree(More)
Protection of double circuit line is more complex than the single circuit. Problems associated with directional relaying for double circuit line during close-in fault, cross country fault, load change and with high resistance fault are addressed in this paper. Conventional directional relaying algorithm uses fault voltage and current phasors to derive the(More)
The apparent impedance seen by a distance relay may fall within its operating zone during power swing. This may cause the relay to trip unnecessarily. To avoid unintended trip operation during such conditions, a power swing blocking function is utilized in distance relays. However, if a fault occurs during power swing, the relay should detect the fault and(More)
Distance relays are blocked during power swing. However, if a fault occurs during power swing, it should be detected and unblocking function should be invoked to clear the fault as soon as possible. Detection of fault during power swing is a challenging task. The technology of synchronized phasor measurements has come of age and simplified the differential(More)
Partial discharge (PD) measurement is used for condition monitoring of insulation in high voltage equipments. Extraction of PD pulses buried in noise and interferences is a challenging task encountered in PD measurement. Recent research shows that second generation wavelet transform (SGWT) can potentially be employed for extracting PD pulses from severe(More)
Transmission lines protected by distance relays find limitations in the presence of series compensation. The impedance seen by the distance relay is modulated when the fault loop includes the series capacitor. The level of compensation at any instant depends on the number of capacitors connected at that time and at times the bank of capacitors may be(More)