Ashok Kumar Goel

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We describe a computational technique for functional modeling of physical devices. In this technique, functions and behaviors of a given device are derived by retrieving the structure-behavior-function (SBF) model of a structurally similar device and revising the retrieved model to meet the specifications of the given device. The SBF model of a device(More)
This paper presents a neuro-fuzzy network where all its parameters can be tuned simultaneously using Genetic Algorithms. The approach combines the merits of fuzzy logic theory, neural networks and genetic algorithms. The proposed neuro-fuzzy network does not require a priori knowledge about the system and eliminates the need for complicated design steps(More)
A key step in explaining how something works is explaining what that thing was intended to do. This is equally true of physical devices and of abstract devices such as knowledge systems. In this paper, we consider the problem of providing functionally oriented explanations of a knowledge-based design system. In particular, we analyze the content of(More)
Traditional AI methods for navigational planning use qualitative spatial representations and reasoning. Traditional robotics techniques for this task are based on numerical representations and reasoning. Recent work on robotics posits mechanisms for reactive control that directly map perceptions of the world to actions on it. This in turn has given rise to(More)
Proportional Integral derivative (PID) controllers are widely used in industrial process control. With its three term functionality providing regulation to both transient and steady state responses, PID control offers the simplest and most efficient solution to many industrial control problems. Tuning of PID gain parameters continuous to be important as(More)
Psychometrics is the science of measurement of human intelligence, knowledge, aptitude and personality. By analogy, we need a science of computational psychometrics for measuring the intelligence and knowledge of intelligent machines. In psychometrics, the most common and reliable test of human intelligence is the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test that(More)
Numerous algorithms have been invented for optimizations which are nature inspired and based on real life behaviour of species. In this paper, intelligent chasing and hunting methods adopted by the dogs to chase and hunt their prey in groups are used to develop the novel methodology named as “Dog Group Wild Chase and Hunt Drive (DGWCHD)(More)