Ashok Kumar Dwivedy

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The effects of phenylalanine (PHE) and its deaminated metabolites phenylpyruvate (PHP), phenyllactate (PHL) and phenylacetate (PHA) on sodium and potassium activated adenosinetriphosphatase (Na+, K+-ATPase) in synaptosomes from rat brain were investigated. At very low concentrations (5–10 μM), PHE, PHL and PHA inhibited the activity, while PHP stimulated(More)
Lipid apheresis, a new extracorporeal procedure based on plasma delipidation and showing promise as a possible treatment for atherosclerosis, was recently reported for the first time from this laboratory [Cham et al., J Clin Apheresis 10:61-69, 1995]. In the present study lipid apheresis was applied to hypercholesterolemic and normocholesterolemic roosters(More)
Despite primary and secondary prevention of coronary disease with lowering plasma cholesterol by diet and drug therapy, coronary heart disease remains the major cause of death in Western countries. Low density lipoprotein apheresis had the potential to make a significant impact as it acutely leads to a marked reduction in plasma cholesterol. However, recent(More)
Lipid apheresis, a recently described procedure for the elimination of lipid but not apolipoproteins from plasma, was applied to normocholesterolaemic and hypercholesterolaemic roosters. Lipid apheresis resulted in an immediate reduction in plasma unesterified cholesterol concentration, which was sustained for 150 min. The reduction in unesterified(More)
Hyperphnylalaninemia (experimental PKU) induced in developing rats by treatment with p-chlorophenylalanine (PCPA) plus phenylalanine (PHE) causes a significant reduction in the triphosphoinositide (TPI) and diphosphoinositide (DPI) content of brain. Since TPI and DPI play an important role in excitable nervous membranes, the functional abnormality in(More)
1. Sodium uptake associated with the activation of voltage-sensitive sodium channels by alkaloid activators, batrachotoxin, veratridine, and aconitine in presynaptic nerve terminals isolated from the central nervous system of cockroach (Periplaneta americana) was investigated. 2. Batrachotoxin (K0.5, 0.2 microM) was full agonist as for most effective(More)