Ashok K. Krishnamurthy

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— Computer-controlled scientific instruments such as electron microscopes, spectrometers, and telescopes are expensive to purchase and maintain. Also, they generate large amounts of raw and processed data that has to be annotated and archived. Cyber-enabling these instruments and their data sets using remote instrumentation cyberinfrastructures can improve(More)
This study evaluates the performance of the multilayer-perceptron and the frequency-sensitive competitive learning network in identifying five commercial aircraft from radar backscatter measurements. The performance of the neural network classifiers is compared with that of the nearest-neighbor and maximum-likelihood classifiers. Our results indicate that(More)
Spectral integration refers to the summation of activity beyond the bandwidth of the peripheral auditory filter. Several experimental lines have sought to determine the bandwidth of this "supracritical" band phenomenon. This paper reports on two experiments which tested the limit on spectral integration in the same listeners. Experiment I verified the(More)