Ashok K. Krishnamurthy

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The intensity-weighted average of instantaneous frequency (IWAIF) is developed as a model to predict listener performance in tasks primarily requiring frequency discrimination. IWAIF is closely related to the envelope weighted average of instantaneous frequency (EWAIF) model proposed by Feth for similar tasks. The primary difference is that the IWAIF model(More)
This work focuses on incorporating the LF-model 1] into closed-phase inverse ltering based estimation of glottal source waveforms. The LF-model is a ve-parameter model representing the eeective voice source over open and closed glottal phases. Three techniques for LF-model tting are described: two based on Prony's method and one using gradient descent. The(More)
The technique of electroglottography is reviewed from the perspective of a laboratory instrument for assessing laryngeal function, a device to assist speech and speaker recognition, and as a potential diagnostic aid in the clinic. A description of the electronic functioning of the electroglottograph (EGG) is provided. Considerable emphasis is given to(More)
Spectral integration refers to the summation of activity beyond the bandwidth of the peripheral auditory filter. Several experimental lines have sought to determine the bandwidth of this "supracritical" band phenomenon. This paper reports on two experiments which tested the limit on spectral integration in the same listeners. Experiment I verified the(More)