Ashok K. Goel

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A total of 32 Vibrio cholerae isolates were collected during a recent large cholera outbreak in Eastern India. Biochemical and serological studies revealed that all of the isolates belonged to serogroup O1, biotype El Tor, serotype Ogawa. Two multiplex PCR assays confirmed the presence of various toxigenic and pathogenic genes - ace, ctxAB, hlyA, ompU,(More)
ion over analog and new model Spawning of adaptation goals Adaptation strategy 1 SBF model of GTM Adaptation strategy n Adaptation goal GTM Evaluation of new model Retrieval of GTMs Instantiation of GTMs Composition of behaviors Analog Analogical transfer New model New model GTM Figure 3. Model-based analogy in Ideal. .
Design patterns specify generic relations among abstract design elements. In the domain of physical devices, design patterns, called generic teleological mechanisms (or GTMs), specify generic functional relations and abstract causal structure of a class of devices. We describe a functional theory of acquisition, access, and use of GTMs, but focus on their(More)
Tongue strength and endurance (fatigue) were examined in subjects who have acquired high skill levels with their tongues (supranormal) and in subjects who use the tongue normally. The supranormal groups were trumpet players and high school debaters who were able to speak intelligibly at rates much faster than normal. Hand strength and fatigue were also(More)