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The buffer manager is integral to the performance, scalability, and reliability of Oracle’s Universal Dam Server, a high performance object-relational database manager that provides robust data-management services for a variety of applications and tools. The rich functionality of the Universal Data Server poses special challenges to the design of the buffer(More)
Availability requirements for database systems are more stringent than ever before with the widespread use of databases as the foundation for ebusiness. This paper highlights <i>Fast-Start</i>#8482; <i>Fault Recovery</i>, an important availability feature in Oracle, designed to expedite recovery from unplanned outages. Fast-Start allows the administrator to(More)
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have great potential to aid in search and situation assessment. Here, we present a UAV swarm system performing target search in adversarial environment. It utilizes a Ant-Colony (ACO) and Artificial Potential Function (APF) based decentralised target search strategy. ACO meta-heuristic forms the higher level guidance algorithm(More)
In this paper, we describe the Oracle Large User Population Demonstration and highlight the scalability mechanisms in the Oracle8 Universal Data Server which make it possible to support as many as 50,000 concurrent users on a single Oracle8 database without any middle-tier TP-monitor software. Supporting such large user populations requires many mechanisms(More)
Oracle Berkeley DB is a family of database engines that provide high performance, transactional data management on a wide variety of platforms. Berkeley DB products are available under a dual license: an open source license and a commercial license. We discuss some of the standard testing and tuning techniques used for ensuring the quality and reliability(More)
The management of multimedia data in object-relational database systems presents a challenging problem for extracting, processing, and managing associated metadata. This information is usually embedded within the media source using proprietary formats, thus not easily accessible in a uniform fashion. This poses a need for a series of structural(More)