Ashok Joshi

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Availability requirements for database systems are more stringent than ever before with the widespread use of databases as the foundation for ebusiness. This paper highlights <i>Fast-Start</i>#8482; <i>Fault Recovery</i>, an important availability feature in Oracle, designed to expedite recovery from unplanned outages. Fast-Start allows the administrator to(More)
In this paper, we describe the Oracle Large User Population Demonstration and highlight the scalability mechanisms in the Oracle8 Universal Data Server which make it possible to support as many as 50,000 concurrent users on a single Oracle8 database without any middle-tier TP-monitor software. Supporting such large user populations requires many mechanisms(More)
The management of multimedia data in object-relational database systems presents a challenging problem for extracting, processing, and managing associated metadata. This information is usually embedded within the media source using proprietary formats, thus not easily accessible in a uniform fashion. This poses a need for a series of structural(More)
In this paper we describe the architecture and interface of KODA, a production strength database kernel. KODA is unique in the industry in its ability to support two different data models viz. Oracle Rdb (a relational database system) and Oracle CODASYL DBMS (a CODASYL database system). Our experience in designing and implementing KODA demonstrates. the(More)
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