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ion algorithm that will utilize the characteristics of integrated schema. Tools to construct C-FAR matrices may be beneficial specifically if larger domain are modeled. A tool that explains the attributes meaning in the domain context, will be helpful in describing large C-FAR schemes. 18.3 Fuzzy Theory and Representation For Linkage Values The calculated(More)
Even though computing systems have increased the number of transistors, the switching speed, and the number of processors, most programs exhibit limited speedup due to the serial dependencies of existing algorithms. Analysis of intrinsically parallel systems such as brain circuitry have led to the identification of novel architecture designs, and also new(More)
Chlorocadmiumphosphate Cd(HPO(4))Cl·[H(3)N(CH(2))(6)NH(3)](0.5) crystals containing Cu(II) ions have been successfully synthesized at room temperature by using organic amine 1,6-diamino hexane as a template. The samples are characterized by X-ray powder diffraction, Thermal and spectroscopic studies. These are crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system(More)
The iron phosphate minerals satterlyite and gormanite have been investigated by EPR and optical absorption studies. The optical results indicate the presence of ferrous and ferric ions in both minerals. In gormanite the site symmetry of Fe(III) is near octahedral whereas in satterlyite it is tetragonally distorted. On the other hand, the Fe(II) ions are in(More)
Single crystal electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) studies were carried at room temperature for VO(II) doped zinc potassium phosphate hexahydrate. The results indicate that the paramagnetic impurity has entered the lattice only substitutionally, as confirmed by the single crystal rotations. The spin Hamiltonian parameters calculated from the spectra are g(More)
Single crystal electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) studies on Cu(II) doped zinc potassium phosphate hexahydrate (ZPPH) were carried out at room temperature. The angular variation spectra in the three orthogonal planes indicate that the paramagnetic impurity has entered the lattice substitutionally in place of Zn(II) and the spin Hamiltonian parameters(More)
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