Ashok Arora

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Next generation wireless networks are envisaged to be an integration of different wireless networks and demand the ability of users to move from one network domain to another network domain seamlessly. Also these networks require superior handover techniques to provide ubiquitous access to roaming users with maximum network resource utilization. In order to(More)
In most of the wireless networks, signal strength is considered as the basic criteria to initiate handover. In future generation heterogeneous wireless systems, the vertical handover between different types of networks take place to satisfy demands of users. The location and velocity of mobile terminal is expected to be available in most of the modern(More)
For efficient and very high capacity network for Telecommunication and Data services the SONET/SDH network is used. The Service providers are keenly interested to find automatic ways of commissioning the channels associated with the SONET/SDH. The TDMA technology is used in the SONET/SDH network by which the High speed data communication and(More)
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