Ashok A. Kumar

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This case series emphasizes the role of USG in the diagnosis of isolated soft tissue cysticercosis. We assessed its value for identifying features such as the location of the cyst, the presence or absence of abscess, and the presence or absence of a scolex within the cyst. Three USG patterns were seen and are described.
OBJECTIVE The objective of the following study is to determine the use of ultrasound as an important adjunct to clinical and laboratory profile in diagnosing dengue fever and in predicting the severity of the disease by correlating imaging features with platelet count. The variation in sonographic features seen in patients from different age groups was also(More)
Congenital cystic diseases of the lung are a rare but significant cause of morbidity in children and young adults presenting with respiratory distress and repeated chest infections. They consist of cystic adenomatoid malformation, bronchogenic cyst, pulmonary sequestration, and congenital lobar emphysema. Surgical treatment is a safe and an effective method(More)
BACKGROUND Effective management of postoperative pain leads to increased patient satisfaction, earlier mobilization, reduced hospital stay and costs. One of the methods used for management of postoperative pain is preemptive analgesia-blockade of afferent nerve fibers before a painful stimulus. It modifies peripheral and central nervous system processing of(More)
CONTEXT To evaluate the additional information that susceptibility weighted sequences and datasets would provide in acute stroke. AIMS The aim of this study were to assess the value addition of susceptibility weighted magnetic resonance imaging (SWI) of brain in patients with acute arterial infarct. MATERIALS AND METHODS All patients referred for a(More)
Extraskeletal osteosarcoma is a malignant mesenchymal soft tissue tumor without attachment to the bone, and is able to produce osteoid or cartilaginous matrix. This entity accounts for 1% of all soft tissue sarcomas. Thus far, less than 35 cases of bladder osteosarcomas have been reported in the literature. These tumors are associated with very poor(More)
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